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Master thesis 2, Industrial engineering

Stakeholders Analysis of Mashhad House Manufacturing Factory

Quality management systems based on ISO 9000 series are significantly focused on customers who include a range of aspects from identification and determination of customer requirements to improving the customers’ satisfaction. Complexity of the business environment in these decades has forced to focus not only on customers but also other groups, organizations, individuals or aspects interacting with the organization. Nongovernmental organizations (NGO) and environmental aspects of the organizations activities are examples. These are not acting as usual customers but the organizations shall consider and address their requirements and expectations. So an effective quality management system requires a broader focus on stakeholders including the customers as ISO 9004 recommends.

In this project, analysis of stakeholders has been carried out at Mashhad House Manufacturing Factory aimed to an effective quality management system planning based on ISO 9001:2008. The results of the project show the factory interacts with a broad variety of stakeholders thus the implementation of an effective quality management system mandate understanding all stakeholders’ requirements and expectations. This project also proposes a matrix and a model for integrating the Stakeholders analysis methodology in quality management system planning.